Safety Message

We understand the risks and liabilities for both WPT, our clients, and the public when executing telecom projects. We ensure worksites are compliant with all regulatory requirements and any specific requirements our clients have as part of their own safety programs.

Most important is our culture of safety at WPT. It is our number one Core Value and part of the fabric of our organization. Our people – at every level or role - look out for each other and the public and speak up when risks are identified.


Our Core Values

Prioritize safety

No job is so urgent or important that it can’t be done safely.

Do the right thing

Act with integrity in all situations.

Be the best

Never settle for good enough when it comes to productivity, quality or safety.

Find a better way

Challenge the status quo.

Support each other

Everyone has a part to play in our team’s success.

Welcome the challenge

We solve tough problems.