Telecommunication Solutions
​Serving Western Canada


Being the most visible part of the telecommunications infrastructure, it is important to ensure top quality.

Workmanship is key to building a plant you can be proud of. WP Telectronics ensures the work is done right taking the extra step.

  1.                                           New construction including strand and make ready
  2.                                           Fibre and coax lashing
  3.                                           RF equipment installation
  4.                                     FTTH builds

When you can’t see the problem, experience is the only way to get the job done.

Our technicians and equipment are set up to get through the toughest underground builds.  

  1.                                           Rodding and roping
  2.                                           Feeder and distribution cable placement
  3.                                           Conduit blockage troubleshooting

From 5 units to 500 units we ensure each one is connected correctly.

From running the cable to testing the final product we are able to tackle the most complex installations. 

  1.                                           iFDH installations
  2.                                           Mechanical and fusion connectors
  3.                                           Riser wiring
  4.                                           In suite wiring

Our quality is what sets us apart from the field.

Where organization and cleanliness is key to setting up a splice closure we ensure they always leave each location the way it’s supposed to be.  

  1.                                      Backbone and distribution splicing
  2.                                      Loose tube and ribbon splicing
  3.                                      FDH installation
  4.                                      DWDM installation
  5.                                      Full testing capabilities including OTDR and OLTS power metering
  6.                                      Troubleshooting and fault locating