as of: Oct 12 2017

    A qualified splicer must be able to perform the following tasks and or be trained on them:

    Work in confined spaces (Manholes)
    Work safely off 28’ extension ladder
    Open various cable types and sizes and prepare for splicing
    Build different types of enclosures (depending on vendor specifications)
    Understanding of fibre back ground and how it works (how customers are able to have service, how networks/communities are built/operate)
    Knowledge in fusion splicing (various types of fusion sets either single splicing or mass fusion)
    Knowledge in testing fibre optic systems (both feeder and distribution, feeder being from Central office (CO) to Fibre Distribution Hub (FDH). Distribution being from FDH to customer
    Knowledge in testing equipment (OTDR, VFL, power meter, span loss)
    Knowledge and ability to use various specialty tools required for fibre splicing as well standard tools
    Eagerness to learn and perform task above customer quality expectations
    Attention to detail with strong work ethic

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